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Madam Mim
United Kingdom

Eheheheheh! Seems I scared the bajeebers out of you! Good.
Now... Don't tell me you've never heard of the Marvelous Madam Mim?!
To put it bluntly, I'm an ugly old creep that lives out in the deep, dark forest. But truly I'm not just any old creep! Noooo! I'm a diabolic, witty, and powerful witch!
So don't cross me!

I rather enjoy the gruesome and grim. A game of Solitaire isn't half bad either. I'm also MAD about games- the kinds that I win at and you lose! Of course... Don't expect me to play nice OR fair. Cheating never hurt... Well... Let' just say it'll hurt you more than me... :evillaugh:

:bulletpink: Aliases: Mim, Madam Mim, Mad Madam Mim, Magnificent Marvelous Mad Madam Mim, Madam, Old Witch, Hag...
:bulletpink: Age: Elderly (Around a few hundred years old)
:bulletpink: Alignment: Villain
:bulletpink: Personality: Spontaneous, bizarre, loud, cheatful, confident, mean, psychotic, funny, insane, mischievous, boisterous, conceited
:bulletpink: Abilities: Witchcraft, metamorphosis, vanishes, can make things appear out of thin air
:bulletpink: Flaws: Overconfidence, her madness, her looks? haha!

Mim stood behind a counter in a little wooden shop. Behind her was a door that led to the inside of her home. But YOU so happened to find a way into the the front door of her store. How this happened, you just didn't know (Unless, of course, you're a witch, wizard, any kind of magical being). The shop was set up to sell potions, ingredients, spell books... To trade or sell something of value. Mystical, magical value~ No human or unenchanted creature would be likely to step foot into such a place. But from time to time, somebody would stumble upon it. And ALL the time, it would be pitch black outside the windows in the store, creating an illusion that such a place resided in a land of darkness- or perhaps a never ending night. So tell me... How did YOU get there?

((As I was RPing with WDisneyRP-Frollo… I used something from a REALLY long time ago- around the time I asked to be WDisneyRP-Mim and they had to create the account for me. Mim's Witchery Shop! I had completely forgotten up until then that I thought up her small business. And I still love it so~))

((In other words, this is kind of a Starter that will most likely fail because I'm lame. ;w; ))

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Arthur ran into Camelot market searching franticly for his mentor, his tower was complete empty as was his house he feared the worst had happened "Merlin! Merlin where are you?!?!"

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A little girl was walking around a dreary forest trying to find the exit but to no avail. How can her own wish bring her to this place all of a sudden?
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"Hot, cha, cha!  If it ain't Mad Mad Madam Mim!  Silvery voice and long purple hair!  So beautiful and fair!  But, it's only skin deep.  How 'bout we blow dis joint and make magic downtown?" Mortimer wagged his eyebrows, puffing a cigar.


((OMG!  Welcome back, Sweetie! ;w; :tighthug:  This is Clarabelle, and I missed you so much!))

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*wakes up from a hang over*Boy...what dodgy neighbourhood did I swing into now?
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*hides in her house*
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((HEY! :) Welcome back! ))
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*Is walking back from shopping in the town and cuts through the forest only to get lost*

((Now for the moment truth, are you the original or new one?))
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